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Spencer& Halstead 10/12 Hanger Spinner Machine

Hanger spinner blast machines are the preferred choice for workpieces that are not suitable for tumbling but allow themselves to be hung from a inverted "christmas tree" type jig ( for multiple workpieces) or a hook (for single larger workpieces).The machine is supplied with a work beam to allow the operator to load at a comfortable safe height and then present the workpieces to the drag mechanism for auto entry into the blast chamber.
Once inside the chamber the jig / workplace is rotated before the blast wheel(s) giving complete coverage. The blast cycle is controlled by an adjustable timer and a timed dir delay prevents the operator from opening the door until the blast cycle is completely finished and it is safe to do so.

Stock No 135
Manufacturer Spencer & Halstead
Model 10/12 Hanger Spinner Machine
New or Used Used
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm) 1200 height x 1000mm dia
Work Handling Method Manual loading
Location Osset, W.Yorkshire

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