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Tilghman WST54 Twin Table Machine

Rotary table shotblasters are the ideal solution for the cleaning of items of all sizes and weights which do not lend themselves to be tumbled or hung
The twin table machine eliminates downtime resulting from unloading / reloading times. The machine allows the external table to be loaded / unloaded during the blast cycle of the alternate table.

Components are placed onto a perforated turntable which, when activated rotate the parts in front of either one or two blast wheels ( dependent upon model). Typically the parts will be required to be turned after the first blast cycle to expose the surface previously hidden from the blast by the table. Some parts can be raised upon pins to allow ricochet to clean the underside and achieve a single cycle blast.Timed door interlocks prevent the operator opening doors either during the blast process or for a short period of time after the completion of the blast cycle to ensure operator safety.

Stock No 128
Manufacturer Tilghman
Model WST54
New or Used Used
Work Envelope (WxDxH mm) 2 x 54" diameter tables
Work Handling Method Manual loading
Location Osset, W.Yorkshire

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